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(c) HelpAge International

About the project


Measuring wellbeing and quality of life of older people: exploring national data

Together with University of Southampton, we received a grant from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to conduct secondary analysis of datasets in Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan.

Through the exploration of national datasets, the project aimed to:

  • build an understanding of wellbeing and quality of life of older people
  • provide insights on data issues and gaps at the national level, and
  • inform broader discussion on data and ageing.

Drawing on the domains of the AgeWatch Index, the study focused on income security, health and key dimensions of the enabling environment in later life.

Professor Asghar Zaidi and his team at the University of Southampton analysed micro data from the Bangladesh Household Income and Expenditure Survey (2010); the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey (2013); and WHO studies on Global AGEing and adult health in China and India (2007). 

Research findings were presented by Professor Zaidi and reviewed with academics, civil society and international governmental organisations from China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh at the HelpAge Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2016.

From the analysis of national datasets, HelpAge has created data visualisations and country reports for Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan.  

We have also prepared a policy report which examines issues affecting the collection, analysis and reporting of data on income security, health and violence and abuse against older people – the latter as a key dimension of an enabling environment in later life. The report has benefitted greatly from the input and advice of a group of experts living in Eastern and South Central Asia.